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Independent project reviews and exploration portfolio ranking.
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Training or workshops in all aspects of mineral exploration management.
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NJF Consulting offer personal coaching for Exploration Managers.
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We address all aspects of mineral exploration and career development.
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What I offer

Mineral Exploration
Management Services

NJF Consulting can provide consulting services to a company or organisation, training services to a team, and one-on-one coaching or mentoring services to individuals. All services are bespoke for every client, and may be one-off events or long-term arrangements.

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I am a geologist with a broad range of exploration management experience, at grassroots and advanced project level, having searched for most types of gold and base metal deposit in a variety of geological terranes. I’ve worked in more than 15 countries, on three continents, and have visited as many again on various geological missions.

I used to run marathons for fun!

Nick Franey
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