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So, you’ve recently been appointed as an Exploration Manager – or you aspire to become an Exploration Manager. But what exactly does an Exploration Manager do? Where do you start and how do you prioritise?

This book will answer these and many other questions regarding the management of mineral exploration. Use it as a reference manual…

topics covered in the book

Questions Answered...

  • What are the key criteria for exploration success?
  • And how much does luck play a part?
  • Does management really need to be formal?
  • Why is documentation so important?
  • What makes an exploration company vulnerable?
  • How do you develop an exploration strategy?
  • How are corporate deals structured?
  • What are the 3 key questions for all mineral exploration?
  • Why does scale matter?
  • How should you explore and why?
  • What should you do (and NOT do) during a drilling programme?
  • What role should you play in estimating a mineral resource?
  • And what about a feasibility study?
  • Why is data management so often neglected?
  • Why must you insist that your team writes technical reports?
  • What does good HR management look like?
  • How do you manage employee performance?
  • And how can you develop your staff – for free?
  • Do you really have to be involved in administration?
  • Where do you draw the line regarding health and safety management?
  • Which environmental impacts should you mitigate against?
  • How do you engage with the local community?
  • And what do you do when it all goes wrong?

Table of Contents

1. Setting the Scene

An introduction to the mining industry and mineral exploration management – and what makes a successful explorer?

2. The Management Challenge

Management buzzwords (and what they mean), a simple management cycle (for application anywhere) and a few pertinent management issues.

3. Business Development

Exploration strategy, identifying project opportunities and creating new projects, due diligence studies and project valuation, corporate deals and the art of negotiation.

4. Discovery and Evaluation

Three key questions and the five Ps of mineral exploration, exploration methods (geology, geochem, geophysics, and remote sensing), the management of drilling, Mineral Resource estimation, and feasibility studies.

5. Data and Information

The samples database, maps (and GIS) and technical reports.

6. Human Resources

Organisation structure and teamwork, employment contracts, performance management, staff development and training.

7. Administration and Finance

Corporate governance and legal matters, budgets and expenditure control, tenement and general administration, asset management and logistics.

8. Our License to Operate (HSEC)

Health and safety awareness and a medical emergency response plan, environmental baseline studies and minimising impacts, community relations (including initial engagement) and socio-economic development projects, incident investigations and audits.

9. What Do YOU Need To Do?

Setting goals and making decisions, communication, getting organised, leadership attributes, being comfortable with uncertainty.